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Postcards from the Red Bull DIY (Darlington)

Postcards from the Red Bull DIY (Darlington)

Way back (what seems like an eternity) in late March we found out Legacy Skate Store was going to be included in the 24 eligible stores in 2016 to build our very own DIY skate spot with the help of Red Bull. Between the Months May, June and July our little scene had to pull together to create something that wasn't skatable into something that was.

In April we received our package of materials. 18 Bags of Sand, 18 Cement, 2 Trowels, 2 Floats, a Wheelbarrow and a load of Red Bull.

One of the hardest things is finding a spot to build. There's nothing worse than putting in a load of time/work the have something destroyed without getting to skate it. Frustrating isn't the word.

I always dreamed of the area behind the civic theatre to become a great little spot, it was run-down frequented by fly-tippers and junkies, had some solid smooth concrete flooring, some real potential. I had spoken to the surrounding businesses who were more than happy that we were going to be there rather than the current clientele.

I also spoke to the guys at 4 Motion in Darlington and we managed to secure 8 curb stones, these things weren't light either, we loaded up the van and took them to the spot. Mixing a standard mortar and went about setting the stones.

We stayed until it got dark and the next day I went down to inspect. They were looking great. We gave them a wax and had a slappy session with the guys who had helped put them together. Unfortunately 10 minutes after I left a group of lads armed with metal poles decided they would destroy it all. Thanks. We were back to the drawing board, we needed to find a spot.

The guys had mentioned a wasteland a little further out of town that the kids were already skating on, they had tried their luck at a bit of building and were pushing for us to take a look. Reluctantly we took a drive up to the spot. I was still reeling from the earlier disappointment I really did have my heart set on this one spot.

WOW, I couldn't believe what my eyes saw. It was mangled chairs, drift wood, bricks, rubble, an expanse of smooth flooring, concrete slabs, huge ones and best of all, virtually private, apart from the odd dog walker. It looked so promising.

We started to get to work.

Now we are in no means builders, our techniques are primitive and amatuerish (is that even a word?) but what the hell, we were going to give it a go. Everything was a learning curve and still is. I'd say we're definitely better builders now than when we started.



There's killer pieces of rock at this wasteland, so if you wax and place you don't really have to do anything. Ready made blocks.

And some things just needed a 5 minute job to sort. Like this Pole Jammer


Of course some things needed a little bit more thought and we decided to get a bit creative with this obstacle to try and bring it all together putting a rock in and joining a mini bank next to it.


And they said the rock wasn't skatable!!!! ha ha

And finally we're just putting the finishing touches to a proper brick work flat bank. Once its ready we'll get some more photos up.... watch this space.


Many thanks to all the Skaters and people who have helped out with this project, it's not finished yet so if you want to get involved get in touch. Special Thanks to Red Bull and Louis for giving us the opportunity to complete in this project. It's been a blast.


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