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Big AL's top 5 to get stoked right now.

So Today I wanted to do something a bit different and offer people a few videos as apposed to just one. We're going to talk about the 5 skate video parts that get me stoked right now. Please be aware that not all of these are current but all of them in my opinion are amazing and never fail to get me hyped to go out and shred, so in no particular order here we go! 

Number 5: Max Palmer Call me 917 video. 

God damn I don't think this part will ever get old for me! As far as I'm concerned, instant classic from the day it came out. Loose Trucks Max brings a whole new bag of style to skateboarding with a different trick selection than the average skateboarder, keep your eyes peeled for the front-nose down the handrail and not to fakie like most would do, nose-manny variations for days, stylish front boards, the ollie-hippy jump through the handrail, everything he does in that fountain with the tiny stairs(you'll know when you see it) and that front-nose wall-ride thing, I don't even know it just looks amazing! The part perfectly complimented by the Plugz and their song "Blue Sofa" this is one to witness. Check it out. 

Number 4: Peter Hewitt Cash Money Vagrant part. 

Now to the other end of the spectrum, from one skater doing it his own way to another, ladies and gents: Peter Hewitt. Probably my all time favourite skateboarder this part was an eye opener for me in terms of discovering the kind of skateboarding I'm really into. Pedal to the metal, balls to the wall, do or die. Hewitt bring the fire to this video with some of the best stand-up grinds on the market, airs, handplants, speed and style. Crushing backyard bowls, parks, vert all to bring you this banger to get stoked for. Soundtrack is Self Defeating Prophecy by Dystopia. Go hard or go home kids. 

Number 3: John Cardiel Transworld Sight Unseen

Off to another member of the Anti-Hero squad and The Gonz says it best to kick this video part off "He's a ripper, an original ripper, he's an original Coors" Cards has his own bag of style and bring the heat to every spot he skates. Mach ten all the time and a true ATV, In the parks, backyard bowls, street, Cardiel has it all. Such a shame we'll never see another video part from our 1992 SOTY but none the less we have this and his other parts to look back on and enjoy. I'm not going to say too much about this one because its all good, recognise the real kids, also soundtrack is Haunted and Nervous by Sizzla.
Cardiel loves a bit Reggae.  

Number 2: Vincent Huhta's Lågaffektivt Bemötande

Willy Nelson sings in Vincent with "Funny How Time Slips Away" to perfectly compliment his smooth and relaxed style of skateboarding. Now we did speak about this part once before when it first came out but I cant help but mention it again, its just so good to watch. Slicker than oil and smooth like silk Vincent bring the tech steez with loads of amazing Manuel variations, a switch game that just wont quit and hold out to the end for that nose manuel. If it doesn't blow your mind then just stop reading this blog right now. 

Number 1: Billy Trick by Will Miles. 

Last but not least here's another part that seemed to appear from no where but by gum am I glad its out here. Billy skates fast, skates hard and isn't afraid to take a slam! "Your Dream" by Kim Jung Mi sings in Billy's part with a range of near misses and hard slams, only to burst back in with "Black Pearl" by Pink and Brown for full blown destruction, wallies, wallrides, grinds, gaps, scetchy power ollies, and at least stick around to see Billy go full GX1000 on the crustiest hill going. Lastly Dawn Of Humans sings Billy out with "Painful Mountain" and a load of Guest tricks from local London rippers and friends from around the world. Bits to watch for, that roller coaster of backside 5050 and the last big drop which the guy clearly went back for on more than a few occasions. Big up to Billy Trick. Watch it and get stoked and get out there kids. 

As always if you need help with something here at Legacy don't be afraid to contact us via: Facebook or Instagram @legacyskatestore 


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