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Joybus - Dismantled 1996

Joybus - Dismantled 1996

Having recently seen a picture posted by Glen Sims from the premiere of Dismantled I thought, why don't I do a little blog post. My memory is hazy so you may have to excuse any over-sights or bending of the truth etc...

L-R: Robin Sunley, Dan Briggs, Dan Calow, ???, Glen Sims, Kev Dawson, Simon Briggs, Ron Calow, Diddler, Stuey Mcc, Bod, Olly Todd, Luke, Wayne Peers.


The date was somewhere around September 1996, the stage was set for a monumental occasion. That's right, the first official Teesside video premiere in somewhere other than Bods front room. Lets assume the venue was the Waterfront in Stockton. (Still not sure)

Bod had been very clear on the night that it was indeed a special occasion and everyone was to wear clothes fitting for such a get together.

Of course the natural thing to do was to suit up. Bod and I kept it simple with tuxedos, his naturally having blue ruffles and braces. Most others rustled up a standard suit with kipper tie combo. Everyone except Luke who decided he was attending in drag. I mean Wig, Furry coat, Fishnets, Knickers ala a bearded 80's style Madonna/Prozzy, only with a swastika drawn on the front of the knickers. Of course he didn't hold back in ripping his skirt up and scaring patrons of the local boozer we were in at nearly every opportunity.

Clevo Bod



Luke in Drag




Glen and Robin



Wayne, Stuey Mcc and Biggsy



Dan Calow, Dan Briggs and Glen S



We settled down for the video, when I say settled, we became even louder, more vulgar and started to give less shit about the place we were in.

I'd obviously filmed a few bits with Bod over the months running up to the video and was expecting a little cameo in Danny's part or a little something on the friends section, I knew he'd been filming with Bod for ages. But to my surprise I was included as having my own little section. I was on a hype.

I can't really remember to much of the video that night, this was a time before Disposable web clips, Instagram, Smart phones even DVD's..... I'm not even sure we could buy the (VHS) video on the evening.. Maybe we could have.

Anyway, I remember it was over quite quickly (maybe we were asked to leave) it's the demon drink I tell you and we had to make our way back to Darlington via a local McDonalds. Luke (In full drag) was asked what he wanted by the server - Lukes pissed response pointing at the dudes face '20 Regal and a Spotty Bastard'. That will always stick in my mind. My very first Skate vid premiere.

Anyway, here's the video. Enjoy.


Joybus - Dismantled (1996) from Dean Brodrick on Vimeo.

Most pictures courtesy of Tracy Rumins. Thank you.





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