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Northern Fiction - Darlo Scene (96-98)

Northern Fiction - Darlo Scene (96-98)

Over the past couple of years I've been hassling my mate Rich to get some old tapes converted, these tapes were from the years between mid to late 90's (at a guess). I wasn't sure what was going to be on there except I definitely knew there was going to be skateboarding featured heavily throughout. He promised he would bring them over the next time he visited his folks (the were up in the attic you see) a few more weeks had passed and a few more hassling texts the Tapes were located and I finally had them in my possession. Having priced up buying new cameras, convertors etc. I decided on getting the job lot converted via a nice bloke off the eBay.

There was 25 tapes various VHSc & SuperHi8, some in good condition, some in terrible, it was only after the nice bloke off the eBay had tried to convert we realised three full tapes didn't make it. The following week I received my parcel of Cd's back. Of the 22 converted 5 CD's had a lot of crap on them, not even the good crap, I mean I sat through some of them, believe me. I have no idea where some of these tapes came from. I'm sure one was a middle-aged couples trip to China, panning out to shipping containers and gulls sat on top, we were down to 17 tapes.

I promised as soon as the tapes were converted I would give them back to Rich to do whatever he wanted with them, to log, to edit, to make the video he always wanted to back in the day but actually 18/19 years later.

However, I put a deadline on it, the 29th August 2015 - Legacy's 4th Birthday (5 weeks away), Rich was sweating, the build up to the premiere was many a sleepless night for him that's for sure. Needless to say the premiere version was a little rougher than the finished article but he still managed it.

I only just had chance to watch it again, without the stress of a party going on and it's really great seeing what the Darlo scene was like back then, reminiscing, and seeing everyone shred. I feel we didn't give it a fair push back then with all the things going on. So here you are. Northern Fiction in glorious techni-colour.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did

- Ron




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