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Scott Walker (Horsey)

Scott Walker (Horsey)

Horsey is a prick, I hate him. He left Death Skateboards. I will never forgive him. I'm just kidding of course, Horsey was a but mere youngster back then. We remained friends even after he left to follow his dream of skate stardom in the US. This is him, my mate Horsey, not to be confused with Horsely.


RC - So Horsey, lets go back, way back. No, In fact lets start from the beginning. You’re called Scott Walker, the same name as an old singer right? is that why you have Horsey for a nick-name? Can you explain where that came from?

the best he had was - I had hair like a Horse

SW – Well, when I was a young lad a lot of old people would be hyped that my name was Scott Walker and I thought it was lame because I thought he was some old crooner and it wasn't until years later I listened to his music and realised he was in fact a true BOSS! The name Horsey came about mainly due to Cates to be honest. An old pal of mine who looked like Boy George didn't like the comparison I made so the best he had was I had hair like a horse. It didn't really stick but, somehow Cates heard about it and took it upon himself that whenever he saw me or called me on the phone he would scream "Horseeeeeeyyyyyyy" and then he would neigh and cackle uncontrollably. Somehow it just stuck and that was it

RC - You've always had great hair, is that something that comes naturally or do you really have to work for it?

SW - Why thank you. There's a little bit of work but it's mainly just not washing it often so it's greasy and easy to manage.

RC - ha ha, So can you remember when and how you got on Death? It was around the same time as Wag right?

SW - I think Wag got on Death a little before me in 2004. We both got sponsored by the local shop [Big Worms] in Harlow by Hemming which was the same shop that sponsored Nicolson, Cates and Zorlac. Wag was killing it at the time, filming loads and shooting photos etc so Zorlac started to flow him. I desperately wanted to be on Death but I didn't wanna beg or nothing so I did this thing that kids won't know about nowadays and that was put together a sponsor me VHS tape with Nicolson. My cunning plan was to put it together and then have Zorlac see it and then hook me up and all my wildest skate dreams come true. I was living at the Death house in early 2004 and skating a lot with Zorlac and Cates so I think that along with the tape helped me out.


Horsey "Deez Nuts" a Skateboarding video by death_skateboarding


RC - well if you got someone like Nicolson helping you out that's always a good start, I think every Death rider has to experience living in the house every now and again, you just lived in the shed though? Some more infamous guys who lived in the shed have included Wingy & Steak, is Rich West in there now?

that room probably had way more birds in it than it deserved

SW - It's like a right of passage living at the Death house or at least staying there on the floor for a long time. As far as I know Rich West is in there now. Steak really fucked up the garage. It was so mouldy and shit in there. I hope Rich bleached it all and burnt his sheets.

RC – Yeah, it really hummed in there. It’s true, I lived in a caravan outside the front of HOD 2 [House of Doom] with Passmore

SW - We had Scott Bourne living under the ramp at some point. Richie Jackson and Schooner stayed in the living room for a couple months too.

RC - Bourne lived under the ramp at HOD 2, Don't think he made it to HOD 3. How many women do you think have had sex in that shed/garage?

Cates was calling Steak a sex terrorist at one point so you know it was getting heavy action

SW - Oh man, that room probably had way more birds in it than it deserved! Cates was calling Steak a sex terrorist at one point so you know it was getting heavy action. One time I let Cundall have my room for a week while I was in the States and I came home to a used Johnny on the floor and a pile of sick in the corner that had a empty shoebox over it and a note that said sorry.

RC - We coined the phrase 'to Cundall yourself' after a few of these mysterious events happened. So, there you were, a young lad on your first Death trip, was that the Squad tour?

SW - Yeah, that was the first Death trip I ever went on. It was madness! Cates has planned it out military style. In a different town everyday doing shop signings and demos and premiers of "Squadrophenia". It seemed so weird, all these kids were so stoked to see everyone and to watch the video. It was a proper pretend rock-star tour. Everyone getting pissed, smashing up stuff, fighting with each other, sleeping rough etc. So much fun and the best way to start my time on Death

RC - Yeah, I always thought it could be a little intimidating for a young lad, we went a bit mental on that trip. What was the gnarliest thing you saw on that trip?

SW - Ah man, so many gnarly things happened on that trip. ***** had his nose broken in the back of the van by a very stressed member of the team who I wont mention. I remember pissing you off one night after we had been boozing and then fearing for my safety ha ha. That poor kid Haggis at one of the premiers was duped into drinking a pint of piss but he had the best time of his life.

RC - Oh yeah, Ipswich. Also running from the cops at Newquay?

SW - I missed out on all the cliffside action in Newquay. I had ended up crashing somewhere else that night and I came back to the stories of Cashman going on a rampage and smashing up a beach hut. Did he try to shit on someone too??

You don't get that on a Karma trip

RC - I missed it too, I was somewhere else. Cashman features quite heavy in all of these interviews up to now.

SW - Cashman was EVERYWHERE in the middle of the 2000's.

RC - We had to pick the rest of the team up who were hidden in a corn field hiding from the police ha ha

SW - You don't get that on a Karma trip

RC - So anyway, there you were repping Death hard, a Pro board, things were happening for you. How did the board end up happening? I know Zorlac doesn't really make a big deal out of pro boards, he's not like Reynolds turning up at your place and surprising you with a full crew.

SW - Everything just seemed to fall into place. I was living at the Death House, going on trips all over the place with everyone. Dubai, Beirut, New Zealand, San Franciso, Australia, Barcelona etc. I was playing the game getting photos in the mags and I think I had a solid year having stuff in Sidewalk and Document mag (RIP) each month and I had the first part in Better than Life. I can't remember exactly but one night I was with Zorlac and we chatted about it and he showed me the graphic and I was so hyped. It seemed weird but I thought fuck it. We planned on waiting a little while to put it out there and then I got my buddy Todd Bratrud to draw up the Toy Horse graphic.

RC - Your life was much better on Death! ha ha - so the toy horse was your first graphic?

SW - Yeah Toy Horse and the tie-dye one with Horsey on it. I was stoked on that one cos I was in a tie dying frenzy. I did 200 death shirts in my mum’s garden. It all worked out perfect as it was all announced on my birthday and there was a advert in Sidewalk with me holding a cake I think and it said something like "happy birthday, welcome to being pro" or something like that. My memory is shit

RC – Yeah, they were everywhere them tees, So how did you meet Skate Artist Todd? Was that when you were heading over to the states to meet Kyle?




SW - I met Kyle and his brother first. They turned up at the Death house one day as they knew Leticia and Birdo at Consolidated and they put them in touch with Zorlac. They were in London for a while so we hung out and skated and I introduced them to boozing. Shortly after they left I ended up getting 5 numbers on the lottery and I won a grand so I booked a flight out there to Santa Cruz to go stay at theirs. That's when I met Todd as he was good friends with Kyle and Devon. He lived below their apartment

RC - So what made you decide to quit Death? It was a shock to most of us, because we couldn't see anyone quitting Death we were like a solid family back then, we'd been through things together, how did you approach the subject with Zorlac, how did he take it?

SW - It wasn't a easy decision at all. After I moved out the Death House I was spending a lot of time in the states and I think I started to drift away from everyone a little bit. I had done so much with Death I felt like I needed a new challenge almost to shake my life up a bit. I was in Costa Mesa at the time when I had made the decision. I wanted to call Zorlac and tell him but I had to go to a payphone at 7/11 and it took me a couple weeks I think. Was such a bad feeling as I thought I was letting him down and that he might think I was ungrateful. He took it really well and asked if I had really thought it out and if it was the best idea. I was convinced so I stuck to my guns. I remember after that trying to email everyone as it was like family and I didn't want anyone to be bummed on me.

Im an asshole!!

RC - but we were bummed, how could you treat us and the boss like that? All them years he put into you, all that money spent! so you started riding for theHigh5? Was it always on the cards you were going to turn pro for them? As you seemed to be left in limbo for quite a long time

SW - Ah man, I'm an asshole!! Things on theHigh5 started out so good! The Distro it was all run through made so many promises like getting me a visa, getting stuff at the Berrics before it was shit, trips, wages etc. I was ok not having a board as I wanted to get some more stuff in the states. Sadly everything kinda went downhill with this Distro company. They weren't coming through with all their promises. I would be out there in Costa Mesa and nothing would really happen. Todd was getting stressed out by it all and he put the wheels in motion to move to NHS Distribution out in Santa Cruz. We all went out there to meet everyone and it seemed like it was going to be the best shit ever! Same Distro as Flip, Independent, Creature, OJ etc. I left and came home thinking I would go back but something went wrong. The old Distro hadn't trademarked theHigh5 and it turned out a sportswear company had. They tried to go down the legal route and come to a deal but it all fell apart. We had already left the other place and then had no Distro and had to change the name. Nightmare!

He would never sacrifice his art just to turn profit

RC - and that name change was eventually Send Help. Your new pro board has only just come out over here but you really had to make that happen yourself, it’s been a long time coming

SW - Yeah man, me getting a board has been mentioned for a long time. Todd has drawn up a few graphics and it's looked certain then just hasn't happened. He has had a bunch of trouble with getting distribution and the boards made right. He likes to make everything as rad as possible which isn't necessarily the way to make the most money. He would never sacrifice his art just to turn profit which is something 99% of people don't do today. I haven’t been going out to the states as much either, since I had knee surgery about 3 years ago, it hasn't made sense. Bringing Send Help to the UK though has made it all work out. 

RC - Was the design always going to be an update of your original Death graphic, you pleased on how it turned out? How long has it been between pro boards now?

SW - I'm stoked on the new Toy Horse graphic. Me and Todd bounced some ideas back and forth on how to do it and the bike she is sitting on is my bike. We went as far as checking with Vikki Blows to make sure she was cool with it and she is. I think my last board was 4 1/2 years ago!!

RC - And now you're officially distributing the brand throughout the UK and Europe. Has it been a bit of a steep learning curve for you dealing with distribution?

SW - Ah man, I feel like I don't have a clue what's going on! I have had a bunch of help from some friends including yourself who are already in the industry. It should all be very simple. Send some emails, take some orders and send out boards. I've had packages go missing for weeks, managed to sell to a shop down the road from another shop. A few people said it can be such a pain in the arse chasing up people but so far it has all been good. It's cool to just be involved in skating and to hear from people are hyped on all the Send Help stuff. Thank you to everyone who has taken on Send Help already and to those who haven't give me a shout shukdist@gmail.com {wink emoticon} Oh yeah, I'm taking care of the whole of the EU so don't be scared my European friends!

RC - Where are you from originally? Are you based in Harlow now?

SW - Originally I'm from Saffron Walden in Essex. I started skating Harlow when I was about 16 and that's how I met Nicolson, Wag, Hemming, Monk etc. I lived in Harlow for a bit just after I moved out of the Death house on my mate Monks floor for about a year on and off. At the moment I'm living in Woodford. It's the perfect place. I can get to Harlow or my workshop in 30mins and I can be in the city in 30mins.

RC – So do you still see Monk the Hunk?

SW - Monk and I are best friends forever but now he is more into getting buff at the gym. After breaking his leg it was hard to skate and becoming huge was his destiny so he went with that. I still see him now and then and I get random photos of him flexing in the mirror sent to me and classic fuck Dibbs messages.

RC - Do you still see the Olympic hopeful Daniel Dear, I loved that the local paper fell for that story

SW - I do see Mr Dear now and then. He's a bit of a shut in recently. He is always busy but not really doing anything. If you ever call him he's having a shit or in the bath. He came out once into the city in the summer. Got stoned at a spot, fell asleep and then woke up and filmed 2 tricks for Jakes video. You see hemming put that article on instagram recently? Funniest shit ever! They did a follow up story too.


RC - He had some bother at his local skatepark recently?

offered to fight him and his brother in the bush

SW - Haha yes! I'm glad that news travels. I think it was new years day. He went there with his brother and his kid. Uncle Dibbs was trying to show off and he somehow offended some big bloke who called him a Paedo and offered to fight him and his brother in the bush

RC – You pay attention to current affairs? What you make of the Shawn Powers thing?

SW - He's like the Dibbs of the Palace Team. (Dibbs has always been a bit of a mascot) He had a few moves and he would be in the edits being a tit. Dibbs did his career ending shenanigans at a Death shop signing. It's wasn't as bad as smashing up someone’s shop and lobsters but it wasn't far off. Luckily the footage never surfaced.

RC – Oh and I think he was responsible for the whole Death Team being kicked out of our own demo one year. I have to say though some of the funniest times I've had have been with Dibbs

SW - Dibbs is the best-worst person I know. His Squadrophenia part is perfection

RC – I’ve noticed you’re in a bike gang these days. What you riding these days? What you called? The Pork Swords or something?

We are pretty feared and revered around Essex and London

SW - I got myself a little Harley Davidson that my mate Barry and I built up at the Pork Chop Shop. Our crew is known as The Hotdawgs. We are pretty feared and revered around Essex and London.

RC – Is Carl in your crew?

SW - Carl from Parlour is in, yes

RC - Yeah, I seen your crew, they look like pussies ha ha

SW - hahaha. Carl's from your hood so you know he's tough

RC - Carl is most definitely not from my hood, he's from a posh village called Hurworth outside of Darlo. I'm an original Skernie

SW – I’ve been to Hurworth. I handled that drop in. Your mate Blackwell didn't

RC – No, thats Sadberge

SW – Fuckkk - Ohhh Hurworth is the tranny? I dropped in that also

RC - Hurworth was the one Rob Smith tried to blunt rag

SW - Yeah that was fucked up. Nutta

Rob Smith vs the Hurworth quarter. a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk


RC - You weren't the first to drop into Sadberge so pipe down ha ha

SW - I know that. A young local did it, then Cates and then yours truly. Broke my wrist on that thing

RC - Actually you're 4th. So why didn't Blackwell do it? I never went on any big pushes, they looked real fun

SW - Blackwell got a little scared I believe, bless him. He did let us know that if a motorbike could tow him on the flat bottom he would be the only one doing airs in the thing. You were sorely missed on the big pushes. Not sure why you didn’t come mate

RC - I'm not very productive on those trips. So what are you up to currently and what have we got to look forward from Horsey in the near future?

Brixton's Scott "Horsey" Walker from BRIXTON on Vimeo.


SW - Well in between playing with bikes and SHUK Dist, I'm still getting out there with the chunkboyz skating and keeping busy. I have a part coming up on Jake Martinelli's new "Rugged Raw2" video which should be premiering at the start of March.

RUGGED RAW 2 Trailer from Jake Martinelli on Vimeo.

RC - Yeah? Jake kills it, We'll wrap this up now, we got loads, You got any shout outs?

SW - Send help Skateboards, Brixton clothing, Fallen Footwear, Legacy Skate Store - big Shout out to the Muska

RC - whatever! ha ha

you can follow @horsey69 on instagram and/or buy SendxHelp here

images courtesy of  @deathskateboards @transworldskate @hemroid and Rob Shaw

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  • wicked unkle clive

    known horsey for 10 years or more, not as a skate-boarder but as a friend and occasional naughty work-mate. you’d never guess he had any talent at all [apart from his power over gorgeous birds], let alone pulling off amazing stunts such as these. top fella in my book!

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